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Sweetie Pie is sweeter than most other thornless blackberry varieties - it is 10-12% sugar! Excellent flavor in a juicy, black, medium to large sized berry. Sweetie Pie is a winner for home gardens and U-Picks. The Sweetie Pie blackberry cultivar was developed in Mississippi and has been extensively tested in the south and tolerates heat very well. Sweetie Pie Thornless Blackberry Plant Strong disease resistance. Plants are heat tolerant and disease resistant Reliably high yields Ideal for jams, jellies, juice and fresh eating Delicious flavor and heat tolerance make this blackberry a favorite in the South.

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Sweetie Pie blackberry was bred by the USDA in Poplarville, Mississippi, so it tolerates heat very well. This thornless plant has a vigorous growth habit, which is reflected in its copious production of large, very sweet fruit. A NEW thornless blackberry USDA cultivar called 'Sweetie Pie' was released that is resistant to disease and is heat tolerant but tastes delicious. This cultivar, tested as MSUS119, came from a cross between 'Navaho' and MSUS29. MSUS29 is a seedling from a cross of [Humble x Brazos] x Navaho.

Sweetie Pie Blackberry plants are grown in pint size pots. Plants will be ready for shipping in late spring 2023. Cannot ship into CA. Category: Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Privacy Hedge Shrubs, Fruit Plants, Blackberry Bushes Plant Type: Deciduous Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial Soil Condition: Well Drained Bloom Season: Spring Sweetie Pie blackberry variety was selected by the USDA in Poplarville, Mississippi, United States. Plants grows vigorously and produces numerous floricanes, which are thornless and have a trailing (or semi-erect without fruit) growth habit. Fruit are medium size, glossy black and have excellent sweet flavor.

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Blackberry Sweetie Pie Plants grow fast! Sweetie Pie has a really good disease resistance and bears delicious fruit. Grow in zones 5-9 under full sun. Each plant I offer is Hybridized and grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free exact replica of the mother plant. Plants are between 5-16″ tall. Plant the cutting in a container filled with well-draining potting mix, and water thoroughly. Place the container in a warm and bright location, but out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, and mist the cutting with water occasionally. After a few weeks, check for root growth by gently tugging on the cutting.

Blackberry, Sweetie Pie (2 plants) Ships prompt. "Sweetie Pie" is sweeter than any other thorn-less blackberry - 10-12% sugar! Excellent to outstanding flavor in a juicy, glossy black, medium-sized berry makes Sweetie Pie a winner for home gardens and U-Picks. Tested since 1996 in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Sweetie Pie has shown. Excellent to outstanding flavor in a juicy, glossy black, medium sized berry make Sweetie Pie a winner for home gardens and U-Picks. Tested since 1996 in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana, Sweetie Pie has shown to be resistant to Rosette (Double Blossom) fungal disease. Vigorous grower of many floricanes with a trailing growth habit.

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Sweetie Pie - Bred by the USDA in Poplarville, Mississippi, it tolerates heat very well. It has a vigorous growth habit, and large, very sweet fruit. Excellent for homeowners, you-pick operations, and farmers markets. Sweetie Pie ripens mid to late in the blackberry-growing period (mid- to late June). If you love blackberry ANYTHING - check out the Sweetie Pie Blackberry bush for your yard or garden area. BONUS - this is a THORNLESS Blackberry cultivar, a.

The Sweetie Pie blackberry is a thornless variety, making it easy to harvest without any painful pricks! Floricane Type - Perennial in USDA Zones 7 to 10: The Sweetie Pie blackberry is a floricane type blackberry, which means it produces fruit on second-year canes. Sweetie Pie Blackberry (Rubus x 'Sweetie Pie') comes highly recommended by our fruiting plant experts. This is a special USDA selection that produces an abundance of juicy blackberries. Blessed with a high natural sugar content, Sweetie Pie Blackberry is extremely versatile.

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These Plants Look Amazing! We Are Excited To Add Them To Our Floricane Blackberry Patch! Sweetie Pie consistently provides high yields of luscious, glossy fruit that are great for fresh eating and preserving. It is an excellent choice for southern areas because it has good heat tolerance and resists foliage diseases. Self-pollinating. Zones 5-9. Dormant 3″ potted plants.