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If your Keystone air conditioner isn't working properly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. First, check to make sure that the unit is plugged in and that the breakers are turned on. If the unit is still not working, check the thermostat to see if it is set correctly. If the air conditioner is knocked over during use, turn off the unit and unplug it from the main power supply immediately. Visually inspect the unit to ensure there is no damage. If you suspect the unit has been damaged, contact a technician or customer service for assistance.

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Air Conditioner Keystone KSTAP12QD Instruction Manual. (19 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone R-KSTAT08-1C Manual. Window/wall type room air conditioner (23 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone R-KSTHW08A User Manual. (15 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone KSTHW08A User Manual. Keystone KSTHW08A Window or Wall Type Room Air Conditioner Contents hide 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 2.1 Parts Supplied 2.2 Window Installation 2.3 Remove packaging material 2.4 Attach Top Channel (FIG.6): 2.5 Attach Side Curtains 2.6 Attach foam adhesive seal 2.7 Install Cabinet into Window

Troubleshooting Tips 20 Trouble Shooting 20 Air Conditioner Warranty 21 Advertisement Keystone KSTAP14B Instruction Manual (48 pages) Brand: Keystone | Category: Air Conditioner | Size: 13.24 MB Table of Contents English 6 Table of Contents 6 Preparation 7 Safety Precautions 8 Cautions 9 Installation 10 Operation 14 Español 28 Preparación 29 It would be best to schedule frequent maintenance so your AC is in tip-top shape. Common AC problems include clogged filters, refrigerant leaks, water leaks, malfunctioning thermostats, damaged compressors, and capacitors. It is advisable to have a professional check it out and perform any repairs.

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Each time Used to initiate the Auto swing feature. you press the button, a mode is selected in a sequence When the operation is ON, press the that goes from AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN and HEAT SWING button can stop the louver at (cooling only models without).The mode indicator light the desired angle. Air Conditioner Keystone KSTAP05PHA Owner's Manual. Portable air conditioner (18 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone KSTAP14WCG Owner's Manual. (86 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone KSTAP12QD Instruction Manual. (19 pages) Air Conditioner Keystone KSTAW08A User Manual. Window/wall-type (41 pages)

Locate the inverter box using your owner's handbook, and then examine all fuses. Remove and replace any blown fuses if you notice any. 3. Short Circuit Problem If the air conditioner is not receiving enough electrical current from the AC circuit breaker, the circuit breaker will fail. As the outdoor and cabin temps dropped, I attempted to start the furnace at 49°, 44°, and 39° (it didn't get much lower than that). Every time, it started flawlessly. So either the new inCommand/Dometic failure temp is between 34° and 39°, or something weird is happening with my furnace.

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CAUTION Do not clean the air Ventilate the room well when When the air filter is to be removed, do not touch the conditioner with water. used together with a stove, metal parts of the unit. etc. It may cause an injury. Water may enter the unit and An oxygen shortage may occur. Page 8: Important Safety Instructions Cut-Out Left to Right Length (in.) 0 Wattage (watts) 1140 Number of Fan Speeds 3 Cut-Out Height (in.) 0 Decibel (Sound) Rating 60 dBA Decibel Rating 60 dBA Air Conditioner Features Filter Light Reminder,Sleep Setting,Timer Air Conditioner Product Type Through the Wall Unit Air direction/circulation 4-way BTU Cooling Rating (ASHRAE) 12000 BTU

IDENTIFICATION OF PARTS NAMES OF PARTS Front Operation panel Horizontal louver blade (swing automatically) Caster Carrying handle (both sides) Fig.1 Rear Upper air filter (Behind the grille) Upper air intake Air outlet Drain outlet (only for Pump heating model) Powe r cord outlet Powe r cord buckle (Used only when storing the unit) Bottom tray. One of the common problems with Keystone Cougars is AC not functioning correctly. Symptoms include as it is not working, dust coming out from the ac and the AC is not cooling off. What Causes AC Problems in the Keystone Cougar? The compressor that cools the air becomes problematic when it is too hot outside.

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Reference Manuals provide instructions for configuration, diagnostics, maintenance, service, and troubleshooting. Quick Start Guides provide basic guidelines to install the product. Videos. Product insights exploring features and functionality, specific applications, and technical breakdown using 3D modeling. Warranties & Returns. The Air Conditioner Blows Out Hot Air If your AC is blowing out hot air, then the first step is to check the thermostat. If however, you set the temperature right and the AC keeps blowing out hot air, then it is possible that the problem itself is in the thermostat.