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The top-selling product within Well Points, Couplings & Drive Caps is the Water Source 1-1/4 in. x 36 in. Well Point. What's the price range for Well Points, Couplings & Drive Caps? The average price for Well Points, Couplings & Drive Caps ranges from $10 to $100. An improved version of the open seepage well is the driven well. In its simplest form, this method of bringing safe groundwater to the surface uses a pointed, rocket-shaped "well point" to drive downward through soil until it reaches the water table. The well point is hollow, with slotted holes along its barrel to allow water to flow into it.

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Drive Well Point Certified Lead Free • Heavy duty galvanized inner pipe • Cast iron point • Stainless Steel gauze and screen ***Galvanized couplings and 5 foot sections of pipe are available upon request. A Well Point Driver Guide A good number of people throughout the U.S. still rely on wells for their fresh drinking water. If you have ever lost power (due to a hurricane, for example), then you know you can lose access to your well water in the blink of the eye.

driven point well - sometimesa sand point - is a small diameter wellmade by connecting lengths of 1-1/4"2" diameter steel pipe together withthreaded couplings. Threaded to thebottom of the string of pipe is a drive-point well screen. The screen is usually 2 to 3 feet long with a hardened steel tip or drive-point at the bottom. A driven-point well - sometimes called a "sand point" - is a small diameter well made by connecting lengths of 1-1/4" or 2" diameter steel pipe together with threaded couplings. Threaded to the bottom of the string of pipe is a drive-point well screen. The screen is usually 2 to 3 feet long with a hardened steel tip or "drive-point" at the bottom.

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Sand point well AKA Driven well can be the easy to install and portable water solution. Sand point well problems are maintenance cost and risk of contamination. An average American household consumes about 300 gallon water everyday. 70% of this 300 gallon is for indoor uses only. That includes cooking and washing. The Driver The head of the driver is 6" pipe capped top and bottom with a 1" solid steel bar running through it. The head has lead melted in it for added weight. The driver weighs around 50 lbs. The one I used as a kid weighed 65 lbs and worked even better.

70K views 2 years ago (Materials List is below).. Here we show you the ins and outs (and even the mistakes and bad mishaps) of our first attempt to drive a well point or sand point. What Is A Hand Pump & How They Work An emergency hand pump is a device for manually pumping water from a well. A lever is attached to a connecting rod that pivots and plunges water when operated. When you raise the lever, a piston gets lowered, creating suction.

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A driven well is a well dug using a specialized head called a Driven Well Point. They are about 2 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. The Driven Well Point is pounded into the ground where the well is to be by hand, usually with a sledgehammer. The pipe driver is engaged. The last length of pipe is pounded so that it's just above ground level. Through the years, Mother Earth News published several good articles about sand points, including How to Dig a Well in 1970 and Water Development for Homesteaders, in 1971 by Ken Kerns, who says.

Well points are perforated cylinders used to create shallow wells by driving the cone-shaped end of the well point into the soil instead of digging a well. A drive cap is screwed onto the threaded end of the well point before it is driven into the soil to prevent damage to the threads on the well point. Drive Well Points. SKU: DWP1252460S. Barcode: 642367013707. - Can be driven into all types of soil - Jacket over gauze construction is brazed to a perforated steel pipe - All well points have stainless steel jacket and gauze - Approx. water yield 3 gallons per minute/per square inch of screen area.Read more. $8100. (1) Pipe Size. 1-1/4". 2".

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For effective mixing of the bleach solution in the sand point (driven point) well, a plumber typically uses a pony pump and sections of garden hose or tubing and a bucket of bleach-water solution. Connect a tee to the top of the well pipe. Insert your tubing (clean new plastic, 1/2" is ok) down to the well bottom through one side of the tee. Driven wells are also referred to as sand-point wells. Description of A Driven Well A driven well is a small diameter well, assembled by joining lengths of steel pipe, 1¼ inches or 2 inches in diameter, with threaded couplings. Each section of steel pipe is 4 feet or 5 feet in length.